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La Digue Island Tours

La Digue Island Tours

Located in the East of Praslin and west of Felicite situates the third most populated and
the fourth largest island in Seychelles, La-Digue.

Considered the island that you should visit because of its breathtaking beaches and picturesque scenery, and due to that, it has become one of the most well-known islands of Seychelles. This beautiful island has a natural composition of

granite, sand, and palm trees that not only appeal to tourists but also advertising companies for fashion and luxury goods.

La-Digue was first sighted in 1742 by a french navigator Lazare Picault but was named after the ship of a french explorer, Marc-Joseph Marion du Fresne, who visited Seychelles in 1768.

The island has no cities or towns and has only a few dozen cars in the form of taxis and vans, as oxcart is still considered to represent the island’s strong traditions. La-Digue now has a population of 3,430 people and is home to many endangered endemic species, such as

flycatchers. The island locals usually get around on foot or by bike, with the curved paths that cross the island ensuring an enjoyable journey at a quiet pace.

We offer you three options.

Option 1: Independent Bikes

We organize your trip to la Digue and provide you with an independent bike to explore, and we pick you up at the end of the journey.

Option 2: Half-Day tour

Enjoy a wonderful Half day tour of La-Digue with a guide where you might get the chance to visit La-Digue hotspots* such as;

  • Anse Source d’Argent
  • Anse Coco Beach
  • Grand Anse
  • Petite Anse

In addition to getting the opportunity to capture the astounding beauty of the beaches of La-Digue, we offer the option to be able to visit L’Union Estate Park, where you’ll get the chance to stop and say hello to the giant Aldabra Tortoises that are housed in an enclosure. Followed by taking stunning pictures at the most fantastic location in Seychelles, Anse Source D’Argent beach.

Bring home the best memories taken at one of the world’s premier luxury destinations.

Options 3: Full-day tour

If you desire a full tour of this stunning island, let us be the ones to take you on the most unforgettable and most striking tour you’ve ever been on.

With us, you’ll discover the histories, mysteries, and sublime beauty of one of the most iconicSeychelles islands. This full-day tour is the most effective way to experience the main attractions and unique character of La-Digue Island.

As your tour guide, we shall provide you with sightseeing of beaches and other alluring island sites. Combined with sightseeing, we also offer tourists the opportunity of snorkelling at the Anse Severe beach. The tour will also be followed by some of the most authentic dishes of Seychelles, which will give you a taste of our culture in our barbeque.

*NB: this is based on the pre-determined agreed itinerary


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